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Get help for your specific bird for your specific issue. Our credentialled behavior specialists will analyze your situation and create an individualized plan to work with your bird!

Not Sure If You Need Coaching?

Let's unlock your potential together!

During this complimentary 15-minute session, we'll discuss:

- what services I include

- how we'll work together

- if we are a good fit

- any questions about Parrot SOS services or membership

Please note, I cannot give out specific training advice or suggestions in a Discovery Call.


Are you overwhelmed with your birds behaviour?

Biting AND Aggression Help

There's nothing worse than a bird bite! They hurt! Instead of showing off your scars, look for solutions with us!

Anxiety, Fear and Stress Help

You might have given up on your scared bird. Not sure what to do to get the bird to like you again? Ask us for solutions!

Screaming Help

Does the big bag of earplugs seems like a monthly expense? Don't let your bird dictate your life, try one of our many science-based solutions!

Feather Plucking Help

This is a difficult, heart breaking, emotional problem to work through. Don't blame yourself! Start the solution journey with us!

If it was easy, everyone would do it

Parrot SOS Coaching and Services are made for YOU

Get a full assessment of what is happening in your unique situation, and a plan to work through it together.

Want to see what options are available to you? This 15 minute discovery call is the way to find your perfect fit.

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