Top 5 hormone triggers
Hormone Triggers
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Hormone TriggersDoes your bird struggle with their hormones? Does it seem like you're always dealing with hormonal behaviour?Use this list to help reduce the overall hormone load for your bird! Hormones In Pet ParrotsEach and every parrot who is mature has hormones in their body. We only start to notice them when there… Read More »Hormone Triggers
An african grey looks at a foraging cup
Four Dish Foraging
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Four Dish ForagingDoes your bird ignore foraging toys? It’s quite common forour companion birds to value our companionship more than the toys hanging intheir cage. It’s our job to help our birds live full and complete lives, andthat includes foraging for their food. The starting point for most birds is wherever they currently… Read More »Four Dish Foraging
A woman with her arms up in front of a green parrot with its wings open
My Bird Can’t Do That
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com My Bird Can't Do ThatWhen you see a bird who is doing amazing tricks, advanced skills, or simple step ups, you might thing “my bird can’t do that!” It’s a common complaint! You’re right, your bird can’t do that! We are all at different places in our journeys with our parrots. Living with… Read More »My Bird Can’t Do That
Getting The Right Treat
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Not All Reinforcers Are Created EqualJust the Right TreatMy bird doesn't like treats!My bird doesn’t like treats! They just aren’t food motivated. When I offer them a sunflower, they run away. My bird loves me but doesn’t really like any treats!Now is the time to look deeperSit with a note pad and write… Read More »Getting The Right Treat
A budgie sits on a womans hand while she leans in to kiss him
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com How Do I get My BirdTo Like MeHonow do I get my parrot to like me? Thisis a great question, and a perfect way to start your life together. Start bybuilding trust! Before you teach ‘step up’ or any other skill, start with buildingtrust. But how do you do that?The Bird We wantGoing… Read More »Choice
A green and yellow parrot sit on a hand with some millet
5 Common Mistakes
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com 5 Common MistakesEveryone should be aware that parrots are difficult to keep in our homes. It is MANDATORY that you enrich their lives, through toys, foraging, social interaction, variety and training. Start by training simple behaviours using positive reinforcement. It is the most effective, least intrusive form of training available. Studies have shown… Read More »5 Common Mistakes
Five Freedoms with five pictures arranged in circles
Five Freedoms
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Five FreedomsTraining is a part of bird keeping that is getting more and more attention. Training, and especially positive reinforcement training, is supposed to enrich our birds’ lives, stimulate them mentally, and provide additional outlets for energy. I really love talking about training. Every bird can do some! The Five Freedoms are part… Read More »Five Freedoms
A wheel graphic showing different categories of enrichment.
Toys Are Not Enough!
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Toys are not enough!Toys are an essential addition to any pet bird’s environment. You can hang toys in their cage, and toys from their play gym. But does that mean you can relax and take the rest of the week off?The term “enrichment” means “the action of improving or enhancing the quality or… Read More »Toys Are Not Enough!
A grey parrot sits on a woman's hand, the two are looking at each other
Life With Birds Video
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Life With BirdsPlease enjoy this video from River Cha - http://www.riverc.netShe has put together an incredible snapshot of living with birds, and why we do the training.Featuring: Quentin CAG, Monster and Lou CockatielsThis 4 minute video details the goals of Parrot SOS - then still called Calgary Bird School. Take a journey through the… Read More »Life With Birds Video
Six piles of food are on a square white plate
Selecting A Reinforcer
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com A reinforcer is something your bird likes. It is technically “something added to the situation to increase the probability of that behaviour happening again”. A reinforcer is something your bird wants and is willing to put in some effort to obtain. Birds have likes and dislikes.Make a list of the top 10 foods… Read More »Selecting A Reinforcer
A grey parrot hangs from a white rope
Re-homing Isn’t A Bad Word
helpme@parrotsos.com parrotsos.com Re-homing: The agonising decision to give up your bird. The option to re-home your bird isn’t taken lightly (by most). I’m not talking about the haphazard “I don’t want him anymore” end of the spectrum: I’m talking about the hard working people. I’m talking about the shame, the guilt, the fear, and especially… Read More »Re-homing Isn’t A Bad Word

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