Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween safety is about keeping your bird comfortable, so they aren’t afraid of all the visiting ghost and ghoulies! It’s a fun time of year for humans, but maybe not for your bird.

Use your ‘body language observation’ skills to see if your bird is comfortable!

Two pictures of a birds feet, one with a wide stance and one with a narrow stance
Foot Stance

Wide feet – ready for something to happen!

Narrow feet – relaxed and comfortable.

A grey parrot
Eye Gaze

What is your bird looking at?

Senegal parrot standing tall on a perch

Standing tall, or squatting low, your bird will express themselves with their posture.

Stay In Their CAge

Your bird might be in their cage for the evening.

This keeps them safe when the house door is opening and closing all evening!

We don’t need any escapees!

Even friendly birds need to be careful when costumed and candy-filled kiddos come knocking!

Keep your bird occupied

This is a great time to give your bird a foraging opportunity!

When in their cage, give your bird a foraging toy to destroy, or another fun bird-job to do to keep them occupied in a safe and enriching way.

Hide Foraging Ghosts
Give a Pumpkin on a Skewer
Provide a Favourite Toy
Kleenex ghost foragers

Keep Them Calm

The lights, flashing, and noises might also be upsetting for your bird.

A cover over the back half of the cage might help them feel safer.

Playing soft music near the cage can also be soothing (and drown out the strange Ghost noises!).

If your bird doesn’t like the doorbell noise, find a way to welcome your Trick-or-Treaters without dinging the bell!

Keeping the routine the same is another great way to show stability.

Make it so that dinnertime and bedtime are the same as any other night.

Cage Cover
Google Home, Alexa

Make sure you create a feeling of safety for your bird.

Don't Dress Them Up

Get creative!

Macaws wearing haloween themed hoodies

Some birds enjoy wearing costumes, and that’s great!

A parrot with a drawn-on tuxedo

Use your phone to draw on costumes!

Robin wearing a parrot costume

Dress up yourself instead!

Two parrots play a game

Not Trick-or-treating?

Time to play!

You could also take this time to play some new games with your bird. Have you tried the ‘put the ring in the bowl’ game? This is a fun and entertaining way to spend the evening. It will also tire out your bird mentally and physically!

Whatever you do on Hallowe’en, have fun!

And always, do whatever your bird needs to be safe and comfortable!

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